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I have been busy planning workshops and teacher trainings I want to attend and this is the next one I am attending. I am going to attend to Aadil Palkhivala workshops at Moksha Yoga in Chicago next Friday. Moksha. Moksha has great workshops almost every weekend. As I have said before, I would be a yoga junkie if I lived in Chicago and would probably be at yoga workshops every weekend. Since I don’t have time to do that I try to pick and choose what is best for me as a student and teacher.

I always have the opportunity to talk to Moksha students at the workshops I attend and they are a good source of information. From what I have heard, Aadil is the real thing. For one thing he studied with Iyengar. That is always a plus for me. The closer to the source the better. He has an extensive schedule at Moksha every year so if I like next Friday then I can sign up for a longer session in 2013.

Aadil has branded his own style and it is known as Purna yoga. The workshops I am attending are on the 7 Koshas and it is an Intermediate/Advanced class. I will definitely learn something since I thought there were 5 Koshas. Can’t wait to hear about the other two. Also, I will enjoy getting my butt kicked in the advanced level asana portion.

The second workshop is on Living Your Dharma. I am all ears Aadil. Bring it on.

Last night I opened a can of backbend whoopass for two hours at home and held Vrshikasana a whole five breaths. New record for that. My arms are sore though since I am preparing for an inversion workshop at Inner Fire in October. Hope to have that scheduled soon. So am prepping with lots of Turbodogs held for 8-10 breaths. Hello triceps.

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I took this pic early this morning of the Buddha garden. I have taken it at the end of the day too but can’t get the light quite right. We are going to work in it a little this weekend and then I will shoot it with the new camera in evening light.

This is how it looked earlier in the summer:

And also:

I love it early in summer when I decided to use this garden as my summer meditation. As I put in new plants I envisioned an outcome. And the results are………….much different than I anticipated. It is almost similar to bonsai. I have an indoor plant I am attempted to bonsai and that never quite turns out the way I imagine. It actually is turning out more interesting than I planned.

I put some plants behind this garden that flowered earlier before that OUTRAGEOUS lavendar took over the garden but they are done flowering. The neighbors probably enjoyed that view for a while, especially this beautiful purple flower that I have in two places. I had no idea it would bloom so much the first year.

My husband kind of got into it. (Very unlike him) And he actually had some plans for it for next summer. We are going to expand the front, divide up the plants behind the lavendar and have them in front too. I also have two types of ground cover to divide up that are at the mailbox and spread a lot this year and then I will put them into the bigger front section next spring. One is an early blooming gorgeous white flower and the other one is a light purple that is still lovely. I have some hen and chicks to put out there now that should come back up.

The undetermined flower is to the far right and is gold. Earlier the rabbit kept eating it and it never bloomed until a week ago. He must have found something else to eat.

So I will trim this up and put a little more mulch out and put a new pic up this week.

Oh we will also add anew Buddha next year. There are three now. I don’t think you can see hoi toi buddha but he is in the middle a little to the back. I LOVE finding new buddhas.

I will probably have to put my Recall Walker sign back here too. It is in the front yard and some neighbor put a bag of dog poo in my mailbox last weekend. I am pretty sure it is over the sign. I don’t know who it is, but grow up dude.

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Isn’t a bad thing, but can stand in the way of clarity. In Samkhya philsophy it is called ahamkara.

In the West we speak of ego in a very negative sense. Someone with a large ego is judged as a person who has an inflated sense of self worth. They appear to be a little ruthless to us in there intent and expect to be held on a pedestal. Many of us admire a person with strong self worth, unless it translates into a strong EGO that translates into the elevetion of person’t self worth over everyone else’s. At least in THAT person opinion. Actually I work for such a person and the problem is his ego is so large, he lacks any empathing skills and is abusive. He holds his own worth HIGH on the pedestal. Of course, what this probably means is that at some level, he has no self worth. Actually that is pretty apparent to us on the outside.

Ahamkara is important is that it does allow us to differentiate and discern what is outside of us. Although it does cause us to continually puruse and attach to the material and everything else, when working with our buddhi, or intellect.

This gives us the power to have insight and clarity. Insight and clarity help us delve into the purusa, the true essence of our self. How does yoga asana work in all of this?

A combination of ego and intellect. The ego finds the blocks to the practice, the intellect shines through with solution and CLARITY. It is a practice. If we can explore it on the physical level we start to explore it through the various layers of consciousness.

Loves it.

I just got my new camera working. (Husband read directions, set it up, and taught me to point and push the button. I took a few pictures and would like to upload some soon for posting.

I am especially looking forward to the Big Sur visit. Just me and my camera. No voice. Clarity. Removal of the ahamkara. Ha ha. Tired of my own voice sometime.

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Due to an intense personal issue more interesting than my blog I was away. Still freaked and stressed will yoga blog tomorrow. Wow. Surreal few days.

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Having a political day.  So without a lot of detail this blog today is in memorium for the death of the Middle Class.  Sorry for the yogis.  Yoga will be back tomorrow.  Yoga never dies.

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 Yesterday SO much happened.  My coworker texted me that she arrived in DC to an eathquake!  Wow. She just flew out that morning.  I am still watching the news today.  Plus the east coast is soon going to be hit by this if projections are correct:

I have relatives in Florida and they live in opposite sites of the peninsula and so it is not unusual for them to get hit by hurricanes. I also have relatives living where this hurricane is projected to hit and am sure they are watching this.

Go libyan rebels!

I am all for ahimsa but Krishna told Arjuna it is your duty to fight for what is right.

LOTS OF PRANA all over.  In these times it is important to find a quite place for your meditation.  Since I live in a suburban neighborhood and like my windows open I am either lucky enough to find a time a day when the only outside noise is the wind in the trees and an occasional car passing by or dogs barking, lawn mowers mowing, and basketballs incessantly bouncing for hours and hours and hours nonstop ……

Early morning is usually the best time.  Or mid afternoon. I find that late afternoon or evening is the busy time for lots of noise.  Or right after sunset.  I have been really seeking quiet and a retreat from the noise in my head and everything else so I am going for a silent retreat in November here:

Yoga practice is quiet for me when I am focused on breath but I am easily distracted from that.  Last night I was doing a deep at home backbend practice and I caught myself several times just doing a pose.   Then I realized I was wasting my time.  That is NOT a yoga practice.  So I forced myself to breath and stay in the pose and then the outside racket diminished for me as well as my inside racket.  I got deeper in the pose, felt the energetic quality of the pose, and got into the meditation.

That is a hard practice.   The pose can be easy, but the practice is staying present in breath.  Try this in just one pose in your yoga class.  Do it in a pose you do every day.  Do it Virabhadrasana I.  I promise the experience will be more intense.  Use it to connect to your own energetic earthquake, hurricane, or fight for freedom.

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I caught the sun just before it rose this morning.  (Not the new camera, still my phone camera). Right after this everything was orange for ten minutes than bright yellow.  Now it is pitch dark.  Some system moved in and it is so dark I can’t even tell if it is raining or not.

With the earlier orange and yellow hues painting the landscape between Oregon and Madison, it was easy to see the season is changing.  There are more deep golds, darker greens, and light brown in the trees, grasses, and fields.  The days are a little shorter and we are moving towards fall.

In Ayurveda, they call this the season of Vata.  There is a dryness in the air and a coolness in the evenings.  In a few months this will evolve in to the changing of leaves to golds, reds, and oranges until they fall off.  It is also the season of harvesting and reaping from the summer.  Our patterns change, our activities change, and even what we eat, changes.   If you have been attending farmers markets all summer you will notice a change in what produce is offered.  If you grow your own vegetables, like I do, it is freezing and canning season.

Right now in southern Wisconsin we still have the season of Pitta hanging in there with higher temperatures.  In the hot season, you should engage in cooling practices, like eating cooler foods and refraining from physical over exertion.

In Fall, you change it up.  You can go outside for more exercise and transition to the root vegetables and fruits that fall offers.  I am already looking forward to the fresh carrots in my garden and buying organic squashes to bake in the oven.  And finding apples in a local apple orchard!

Your yoga practice should change with the seasons too.  A cooling practice with cooling shitali pranayama is great in mid summer.  There is nothing like hot sweaty dynamic yoga in the middle of winter.  Our studio will be packed when it gets colder.

The changing of the seasons and the practices of Ayurveda involve an element of common sense and intuition.  What does your body, mind, spirit tell you you need right now?  If it makes sense and will make you feel healthier and balanced, than that is what you should do, eat, or practice.  Yoga and Ayurveda gives us great guidelines on how to balance our lives.  But we also have our own tools and know what works best for you.  Most of all, enjoy the beauty of the coming season and the beauty of nature on a daily basis in some form.

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