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Damn.  hawk.  Been trying to take his pic all week


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Been thinking about a yoga theme for class tonight all day.

Got nothing.

Going to ballroom dancing class tonight.

Go Chaz!

My mind is in Vatta land today. Crazy and all over the place. So flow will probably be like that. Must be the change in the seasons. I am in early hibernation and it is already September. I did not even get up for yoga this morning. I slept in because it is dark.

I will get used to it and I practiced early all last winter and usually get to work, when it is still dark in the deep winter.

Will return tomorrow with a better yoga post.

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Review. LOVED IT. I had seen Ashley in a longer Chakra workshop at Moksha last year so was anxious for her to come to Inner Fire.

Oftentimes teachers will touch on the chakra system in class, but unless the student is interested in researching on their own, it may be difficult to grasp their meaning and how to apply the chakras into asana practice. The subtle energy system is the center, literally and figuratively of the yoga philosophy and practice.

Ashley is able to apply it to the vinyasa practice in a way accessible to students and teachers since she has a background in Western psychology and is a practicing therapist. Great two for one! Most of us can relate to psychology even if we struggle with yoga philosophy.

She is a great vinyasa teacher. We LOVE vinyasa at Inner Fire Yoga. She weaved in the teaching of the elements of the chakras into a lovely Flow class that we all enjoyed.

In the afternoon session she talked about the keys to HAPPINESS and the afflictions (kleshas per the yoga sutras) that inhibit happiness. The flow was slower and interesting and had some nice long holds in this:

And this:

I love a long frog pose. Ahhhh. Ashley has a new book out on Aroma and Yoga and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

I did realize during that long half pigeon that I haven’t incorporated much (ANY) Yin in my practice for a while. I can really feel it even today and since I want to work into this pose:

I need to suck it up and get into some long half pigeon holds.

Here is the pose of the week:


I need to find some Duncan Wong training. Maybe I will go to Japan next year. I want to do something REALLY BIG next year. Haven’t decided yet but have a few ideas…..

Sunny on the roof:

Sunny is Dar’s dog. LOL

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Good morning


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What kind of yoga are you practicing today?

Mine was meditating on the elliptical. Doing some gravity surfing while teaching. Reading on yoga and meditating on this:

Yes I am a bird watcher. Very recent development. It is official. I turned from a 54 year old into a 70 year old woman. I used to make fun of my mom when she was bird crazed. It started with the cardinal in our back yard. I call him Screech-Screech. Because that is how he sounds.

Screech schreech at four in the morning. This year he didn’t come back to my yard and so I investigated how to draw him, the right kind of seed and bird feeder. And up the first bird feeder went. It drew him almost IMMEDIATELY. He is beautiful. Yet elusive of the camera. The problem with that first bird feeder is that the squirrels would come and hang upside down and eat like half of the feeder full of seed and then dump the rest on the ground for friends.

So I found these two feeders. So far, no squirrel, but the Screech disappeared! I didn’t hear his loud screaming in the early am. Then all of a sudden he CAME back with large babies. Still haven’t seen the mommy screech, but he brings the family for buffet a few times a day. He is a MAGNIFICENT creature. As SOON as I get his pic, up it goes. This is a four camera and two binocular project in my household.

If you look back at my July post, remember, my husband and I agreed to go QUIETLY into our good night after the pit adventure at the U2 concert. So look for more senior citizen posts upcoming. I am sure you are at the end of the seat.

I still don’t want to give up on doing this:

Ha ha. Master Wong. Or something similar. I will be raging into the yoga dying light. DON’T count me out. I am convinced. That it is ALL possible. Arms sore from:

Gravity surfing this morning. This afternoon I am resting for the four hour yoga intensive with Ashley Turner tomorrow. At Inner Fire.

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What is a yoga prep pose? Pretty much every yoga pose. Today in Intermediate we worked on prep and variations of Eka Pada Bakasana.

In this picture the yogi has the straight leg almost fully extended up with a near face plant. The straight leg can also be stretched back at a lower angle. The leg should be ACTIVE. That fires the Core up that will help you sustain the pose. Any Warrior pose or lunge pose should be a prep for that. It isn’t all about the arms.

We also did a variation with the front leg in a deeper rotation for eka pada galavasana:

Obviously the prep is pigeons or lotus stretching. We prepped standing in chair.

Flexibiliy is often an issue for people who can sustain bakasana forever, but struggle with modifications for the pose. You can ALWAYS work in the prep pose. There is no point struggling to get in the pose if your hips are tight. Me of the tight hip rotators SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE. Here are some prep poses that can get you into your hands and stretch the hips:

The point I try to get my students to understand is that you work in what you can do TODAY. That is it. I find it is usually better not to anticipate a pose and let it happen! I am working on floating into handstand so at least ten times a day I forward bend and bring my weight into my hands and lift my heels. I am convinced one day the toes will rise off the floor. I will post a pic when that happens! The heavens will open!

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There is almost ALWAYS a challenge going on at my studio. I used to do them ALL the time. It is fun and it helps people to feel appreciated and recognized in their community. Plus, it gets them COMMITTED. We actually give them a medal. So ya wanna medal for it or something? Yeah, why not, we got it.

My personal yoga challenge is two hours a day. I did it Tuesday. Yeah me. Now I am planning to practice a little later this afternoon and should be able to do it. My Tuesday practice was Forrest based. Then I did a half hour seated meditation in various poses to open my hips and problemataic knees.

Today I will probably go a little more Anusara based with the same seated work. The knee work is important because I have two torn meniscus in both knees. So I have some limitations with range of motion and as I age, they seemed swollen. Swollen knees. I need to look that up.

This Sunday I will have no problem with two hours of practice, since Ashley Turner is coming to Inner Fire and presenting two workshops!

I took a weekend workshop with her on chakras and found her knowledgeable. I really enjoyed her vinyasa class too and how she utilized the chakra theme. She is also doing a session on the kleshas. Dvesha is a struggle for me. I am attached to lots of things, my home, family, and my practice. What if I couldn’t practice. Eternal gratitude for being able to practice today.

Right now here are two of my main motivators:

Steve and Talya. ROCK. I watch this OVER and OVER and try to do SOME of it. They are coming to Inner Fire soon. LOVE

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