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Driving Too Fast

Just got back from Milwaukee. Was I driving too fast or did I see that right? jobsinwisconsin.com/walker/gofuckyourself?????????

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A practice can be balanced within the framework of an individual practice or over time. Normally over the course of 3 or 4 days in my own practice and in teaching, I balance it all out. My backbend days are over an hour and up to two hours. That doesn’t mean two hours of urdhva dhanurasana, it means warming up and cooling down from deeper backbends. Hips openers could be another day.

This morning was abs and inversions. I will also practice standing poses and arm balances later today.

As far as abs, there are many approaches you can take. Abs can be worked every day. I love nauli:

It is actually a cleansing practice but how much deeper in your abs can you get. The above uddiyana bandha is gorgeous. You can do crunches. But. I am just saying. My nauli looks NOTHING like this or my uddiyana but the work is there. I also do Ana Forrest ab work, elbow to knee, abs with a mat. Torture. Torture. Torture.

You need the heat and strength to do this:

Practicing abs and upside downs in the morning makes sense. It builds heat. It wakes you up and it balances you so you are not all in the abs but you aren’t all in the upsides downs. I switch off to give my arms a break. I also did some deep lunge and leg work to invert with strong and not weak cold legs.

So later, bike ride. Long bike ride. It is so gorgeous out on the country but I have to be careful because the huge farm machinery is OUT there on the country roads. Some of them are as wide as the road. The other day I saw a HUGE EAGLE. I see hawks all the time. I can probably look out my window NOW and see one any second. And of course there is the predator that lives in the back yard that stalks my bird feeder.

If he ever takes my Screech bird, I am afraid there is not forgiveness. However, the cardinal is a little big for the hawk to grab and eat. The Joan drive through bird feeder.

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If It Isn’t Hard

It probably isn’t worth much and EVERYONE would be doing it. I have said this before and will say it again. I have NEVER regretted doing the difficult thing even if it means failing or merely not displaying the thing I am learning or struggling with in the best light.

I also ALWAYS finish what I start even if it means trudging through it with fear, self-doubt, and/or comparing myself to someone who was on the same path but was showing more success in their efforts. The winning comes…in FINISHING. Not quitting. Quitting, whining, and feeling sorry for myself SUCKS.

When I went to my 500 hour yoga teacher training we worked every day for two weeks for 13 hours a day. We were tired. We complained. But the group I was with stuck it out and looking back I realize how remarkable the experience was. I met some amazing yogis, had several amazing teachers (Shar Lee) the best yoga teacher EVER. I leaned to meditate. And I worked with women TRUELY on the path of their SPIRIT and they were the epitome of the example of love, compassions, giving, and true SELFLESSNESS.

But it was hard. I was so tired many times I did not know if I would last. But I did. Recently I looked back at the journal I kept at that time and realized how much I have grown.

The hardest training I did was the Ana Forrest Advanced Teacher Training. For nine days we practiced advanced asana almost four hours a day plus practice while someone practice their teaching delivery. I was expected to try things I was NOT comfortable with and I was definitely way over my head. WAY OVER.

Also, I did not know anyone there. I had a great room mate and Ana’s staff was remarkable but some of the trainees, one in particular, was very MEAN to me as in a seventh grade way. It was hard and I wanted to quit. Because I did not quit I learned more about strength and spirit from Ana then I ever imagined and now a year later. I am fearless. Seriously. Three weeks ago I had someone threaten my life in a very serious and scary way. Long story. (One of my cars was stolen – ENUF SAID) My response. Bring it. Because you can’t have fear from me. Nope. Dude still knows where I live. Big lesson for car thieves. DON’T steal a car with ONSTAR.

To live any other way is living to way less than your full potential. I know now I can go to any yoga training, using that as an example of fearlessness since this IS a yoga blog, and I will NEVER have to worry about facing anything as hard as the Forrest Advanced Training. I am quite certain of that. BUT, I could be wrong.

Plus it moved my practice up to a level NOW a year later plus what I learned from the teacher training that I certainly would NOT want to have missed.

I work pretty hard in my practice, but also do not feel like you need to kick your booty EVERY DAY. As a matter of fact, I think that is a BAD idea. Yesterday I did a sixty minute hip opener at home, most on the floor and my hips and knees feel GREAT today. AND I learned a new yoga pose to help my knees. It is kind of a goal pose. I actually have improved over the past two months SO much with my knee focus that this pose is doable at some point and will FEEL so good in the low back.

Usually when I find myself mentally resisting something, a pose or whatever, I find it isn’t about the pose at all. I am displaying something about my emotional state. When I was young I had a LOT of people tell me I couldn’t do things and it would break me down. Now when someone even SUGGESTS it, I find it funny. I realize they are talking about themselves. HUGE BREAKTHROUGH. If you try to keep up I will just RUN FASTER.

Going for a bike ride later. We are experiencing BEAUTIFUL early October weather this week so a few last bike rides for me.

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Go Russell Simmons. I support this movement and all movements that support unity of people through whatever peaceful method. THIS started HERE in WISCONSIN. We had yogis from MADISON at the Capital.

How can we evolve as a society when special interests only serve themselves and the powers PRETEND they represent US. Join the movement yogis for UNITY. WE ARE ALL ONE. Find yourself and find you are part of it all. THAT is yoga.

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