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For the Ladies LOL

Have a vegan and talk about your day. LOL

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Because it is the very thing you will face again. I know I have said that Ana Forrest’s Advanced Teacher Training was the hardest thing I would ever have to do, yogawise, but I was WRONG.

Now I am trying to plan something for 2013 that will be harder. Yup I found it and yup I want to do it. My shift in yoga from the meditation and yoga retreat came in believing that I have a lot to learn from Ashtanga and I want to teach it. So in the next two years my plans will be in that direction culminating in something HUGE for 2013. I won’t say what it is or where until it is LOGISTICALLY feasible. But I will work in that direction.

That pic is a hint. LOL Advanced and Intermediate students get ready for a litte Intermediate Series ride among other things.

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Thanks For

My Husband who never yells at me, is funny, likes to drink wine, is fun on vacations, and likes to stay home.

My beautiful daughter.

The beauty of nature.

The full practice of yoga.

All of my teachers.

All of my students.

Marit and Dar and everyone at Inner Fire.

My mom who cooked marathon holiday dinners for over 20 and I watched and learned.

My dad who worked hard for us. Dad we are recalling Walker for people like you who worked hard for families and were given the ‘tools’ to do so, a decent pay, insurance, and reasonable hours.

My family.

My friends.

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I am doing a two hour yoga detox class at Inner Fire Yoga Center on January 1, 2012 from 1 to 3 pm. I am really excited that one of the teacher trainees, Adrienne Pederson, is going to assist me. Yeah!

I am also focusing my Friday classes as shorter versions on post Thanksgiving detox. It will be fun and will stoke the fire to get whatever OUT of your system.

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I am a little late on blogging on this issue. I first saw this when I was in San Francisco right after I had seen the Occupy movement march around Union Square.

My feeling on this is that their marketing department is wallowing in avidya. I find it difficult to believe that any large corporation would KNOWLINGLY touch this issue.

Anyone who is at all politically aware that RIGHT now in our country there is a strong division of people and politics can be excused from taking one quotation out of context from the novel and use it as an attempt at a positive yoga message. If that is the case, this is a pretty big error. So one issue, is Lululemon making a political statement and allying with the Tea Party/Extreme right? If so I would say said marketing department does not have a strong handle on who their target audience is. Um, I teach yoga in Wisconsin and I don’t see that element too much in my studio. Most of us are extreme liberal and/or Occupy movement/recall Scott Walker advocates. Not all, but for the most part, I would say that. So is it possible the marketing department did not realize that the likes of Paul Ryan, among others, believe in the view that Rand took on how an ideal society looks in the same way that the Scientologists view Dianetics by Ron L. Hubbard?

If they WERE aware, at worst, it seems a poor choice to choose this subject for marketing any product, not just a yoga product. Most corporations want to make us believe they are FOR us, the middle class so we buy their products. Yes some of the words sound nice that they employ in using this as a marketing tool, but it seems unwise viewed on a larger scale. Taking things OUT of context, usually are viewed as being partial truths. Political ads and political commercials do this ALL the time. It is annoying but some people HEAR the line, and believe it as a truth.

I do not personally view the Rand philosophy as realistic, maybe more idealistic for the extreme right, but we all have the right to choose. They can do what they want. For me, it is one more product to boycott because the message is what it is for me and I do NOT support it. The tea party and extreme right is currently holding our economy as hostage in order to support tax breaks for the wealthy, while taking away from the middle class, poor, the sick, and the education of our children.

A lot of the supporters will ask if people have actually read this book. I actually did in college. I thought it was boring, long winded and that the philosophy was self serving. I didn’t relate to it then and I don’t now. The characters were boring, flat, and one sided to me. Hey, that is just what I think.

It will be interesting to see how Lululemon responds, if at all, to the controversey. There are plenty of products out there and it is always good to know what you are buying and what the company represents so if that is what they stand for, I do appreciate knowing that.

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Starting Saturday, December 3, from 7:30 to 9:00 I will be teaching an advanced yoga class at Inner Fire Yoga Center. This is the first time the studio has provided an advanced class.

If you follow my blog you know I do a lot of PONDERING about LABELING classes Beginner etc. Basically I feel what is hard for some is easy for others etc but people do need guidance and information on what to expect from a yoga class. It will also vary among individual teachers.

Basically what you need to know about my advanced class is that we will focus in broader terms into yogic practices BEYOND asana, including pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, and dhyana. So you might want to know what those are, or come and LEARN.

Also my class will focus more on theming and less on distractions, like music. Bye bye.

Having just come out of a six day silent meditation and yoga retreat, with a heavy empasis on some of the practices, especially pratyahara, I can tell you these practices ENHANCE the asana practice.

I haven’t blogged much about the experience because I am not quite THERE as far as relating it into words and am still processing it. It was a profound SHIFT in many ways. It took me out of some of my comfort zones and opened my eyes to a new way of living and thinking, which I expected somewhat, but maybe not as much as I got.

One of the great gifts was the teaching of Richard Freeman. I had read his book lately and he brought me BACK to Ashtanga and all of the teachers there provided to me examples of how to be yoga teacher and how to live it. Profound. Really.

Ashtanga was my first studio practice and recently I have thought I am definitely TOO OLD to practice it regularly. Well, I was WRONG about that. I am back. Starting over. Going back to square one. Relearning and it is FRESH for me.

My first Advanced Yoga class will be inspired by the Intermediate Series. Trust me, this is advanced stuff. If my students are able to get this stuff quickly, we will move to the Advanced. (Yeah, right!) Lol I have used a lot of these poses in my classes before but they are not ordinarily poses you would practice in a power flow class, such as Vatayanasana.

I am looking forward to this first class and hope you will come and enjoy.  I will give modifications and know them because I need them.

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What I learned is respect for my teachers and their knowledge and going back to the eight limbs to understand the discipline of practice.

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