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Today is the day I let go of, no matter what happens, my attachment to this vile creature:

I hope this happens:

But if not, I AM OKAY.

This all has taken too much of my postive energy that could be better spent on husband, daughter, pranayama, meditation, yoga, eagles, flowers, and long trips to Yoga Workshop in Boulder CO.

Besides, win or lose, a lot of people became AWARE of the effect on their lives of politicians, the judicial system, and that what affects ONE of us affects all. We fought long and hard. We did not give up on our convictions.

And that is important to stay true to what you believe. It is the practice of satya. The more I look at the issues, the more I believe all children are entitled to a good education, any policy benefitting one group when another has to suffer is wrong, that EVERYONE in this country is entitled to the same rights as everyone else, that I am NOT comfortable with everyone walking around with a gun, and that people deserve a chance to do what they want with what they earn and they are entitled to speak their mind. And that people need to KNOW what is going on. Even if you can’t change it. CHANGING your way of acting is a PRACTICE.

If people in this state again choose a lying hypocrite, then we have to accept that.

Yup I know what I am saying may seem harsh, angry, but I own that and have owned it for over a year. I have been really MAD a LOT. SO getting it out and letting it go and owning those feelings as my truth feels GOOD.

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I haven’t been blogging because I am admittedly obsessed with this crazy bunch in Decorah:

And this little guy in Minnesota:

Obsessed with the imp:

Be damned Lannisters!

Also garden and this plant:

The Decorahs are about to leave the nest. At the end of my seat. Also at the part where the Lannisters take over after Robert died. Go Arya!

Also obsessed with vinyasa because I had a very different view of it than I do now from reading this:

From the Jivamukti sight:

” Learning only static postures does not reveal the incredible potential of asana. When individual asanas are linked together correctly in a sequence, the result is a physiological mantram, a fleshy vortex of intersecting rivers of everything. The word vinyasa means “a joining or linking mechanism.” Krama means “the process”; it refers to the succession of changes that occurs from moment to moment. Vinyasa krama means the succession of changes undertaken with a single pointed intention, free from fluctuation. ”

From Parayoga:

“Vinyasa Krama is “wise progression”, the intelligent linking or sequencing of postures that informs a complete practice. It also refers to a vital thread of the Yoga tradition: a practice should suit the needs of the individual. ”

From temple of Kriya yoga:

:”here are four basic definitions of vinyasa: 1) the linking of body movement with breath; 2) a specific sequence of breath-synchronized movements used to transition between sustained postures; 3) setting an intention for one’s personal yoga practice and taking the necessary steps toward reaching that goal; and 4) a type of yoga class.”

My experience with vinyasa is as a student and teacher, where the teacher creates the sequencing and it is taught to a group. This practice is spontaneous and there is an element of the unknown. Although students often anticipate sequencing, there is freedom in changing it from the teacher perspective. This style is not taught at the personal level so while there is freedom in the practice, the student is normally expected to ‘flow’ with the rest of the group.

My experience in practicing Ashtanga where the sequencing is intelligent and the flow of poses is known. The person can practice individually within the framework, but a real Ashtanga teacher would disapprove of my putting the urdhva dhanurasana at a point earlier in the intermediate series. Too bad.

Before I came BACK to Ashtanga, I spent a lot of time taking workshops, studying online classes, and practicing at home devising my own sequences. However when I came back to practice Ashtanga I came to the inclusion why mess with what is already perfect. And how can I bring this into teaching. (I did BTW.) Although I am free to come back to my own FORMS when I wanted to. And while they aren’t as good as the real THING, they are creative, freeing, and empowering WHEN THEY DON’T suck.

Then I found the Vinyasa Krama book and started practicing with Grimmly’s videos and started incorporating the vinayasas within the form of my Ashtanga practice. There are so many sequences within Ramaswami’s book but what I do is change my focus every day and incorporate the sequences I need that will enhance my Ashtanga practice.

I have told some people aobut this type of practice and all I can say it is unlike your normal vinyasa class, but vinyasa can mean SO many things, besides flow. Vinyasa is incorporating breath into all movement even if it seems static. So there are MANY types of vinyasa.

The hardest thing to teach a student in the beginning is to focus on breath since they are struggling to move their bodies in unfamiliar ways. When I started the Vinyasa Krama sequences, I struggled to move my body in unfamiliar ways but it the practice is alignment WITHIN the breath, not the breath being an extraneous vehicle. So GRATEFUL to have found this Grimmly. Your site. AMAZING.

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Delusional much? Would this be less creepy if we didn’t KNOW what a creep this guy is.

Here is an interview on Babarazzi with a former Anusara ANONYMOUS teacher:


ANOTHER, yes I was somewhat COMPLICIT, but it was about the love and family. I mean, try to sound SOMEWHAT less like a Manson family member.

My indoor cactus is splendid this year with maybe three blooms a day. Here is yesterdays:

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