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My next workshop is called The Breath and Bhandas and will be at Inner Fire Yoga Center on Sunday November 18 from 12:30 to 2:30. This class will refine the practice and theory of the bandhas and how to apply them in a asana and pranayama practice. The attendees will learn the basics of beginning a stand alone pranayama practice.

I know a lot of people who practice meditation and asana but pranayama is the essential link between the two and we will discuss that in the workshop. Most students have the basics from their yoga classes on how to practice some basic breathing work, but to actually sit down and begin is problematic so I will offer guidance and give the students a plan.

This workshop is perfect for beginners as well as those with an established practice. These tools are the building blocks of yoga and oftentimes in class we are just not given the chance to have them broken down.

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Really to be honest, not so crazy about it and would love to be living in a time that is a little more PURE.

Politically wise I have tried to tone it down, but to be honest neither side really speaks to my values, but one side, REALLY doesn’t. Flip flop lying and refusing to be honest with people. Whoever wins wins but I find it hard to believe that people are not really LISTENING. I think they are just hearing words. But to me words that are divisive and full of hate DO not resound. Here is one example:

ROMNEY “So where’d the increase come from? Well a lot of it came from
the Bakken Range in North Dakota. What was his participation there?
The administration brought a criminal action against the people
drilling up there for oil, this massive new resource we have. And
what was the cost? 20 or 25 birds were killed and brought out a
migratory bird act to go after them on a criminal basis.”

I guess I happen to believe ALL forms of life are important and to dismiss 20 to 25 birds that were killed due to toxic waste leftover from the oil industry does not jive with my values. The government sued, but a judge turned it over. Case done, birds dead, who cares.

This whole issue has tended to make me more of an ACTIVIST in the practice of Ahimsa and recently did a lot of emailing and letter writing to the City Council of Norfolk, VA who tore down a eagle nest of a male who has been in the Northfolk Botanical Gardens for YEARS:

That is Dad Norfolk and his mate. The city council took it down believing it was a danger to the Norfolk International Airport which was neither true and there were alternatives offered. That they refused to listen to. We tried and they tore his home down. There is more to the Dad Norfolk story. I pray he prevails and builds a home.

Norfolk city council YOU totally suck.

Another bird story from last week had a happier outcome. There is a web cam in Sydney Australia where a couple of white bellied sea eagles were raising two offspring. They are beautiful but last week it was noticed they were bound up in fish line and struggling. They are about eight weeks old. There was a rescue and one of them had to come out of the nest a few days and a fish hook had to be taken out of his throat. He was put back in the nest and the family is doing fine. The fish twine probably came into the nest through a fish that the parents brought. Here are the beautiful babies back together:

To be activist means to be caring and understand the outcome will not always be in your favor. Maybe most people reading this don’t think the 20-25 birds are that important. SO MUCH damage we do as humans. Once in a while we do the right thing.

Man is far away from God.

So today I may be canning carrots, so the garden is doing well. My plan was that if we continue to deteriorate as a society I could at least be self sufficient, but with all of this global warming I have to say the garden was not that great this year. I did can beets and tomatos and will have carrots, just not as much as prior years. I hope we get more rain next year, even if it is really HOT again.

I will be posting over the next month but will be busy since I have two teacher training weekends with a LOVELY group of yogis. I am also going to a training weekend by myself in Columbus with:

Well whoever that guy is.

The next weekend with Timji. I hope he wants to answer more questions on Kali Yuga.

Finally had a great am full primary practice with an amazing teacher today and some good people. I feel great. I really need the home practice for time sake, but getting into the studio is essential. Plus, David is a great teacher and I learn a lot every time.

I will hopefully post carrot pics. If you want more bird stories, I have a LOT.

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