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First thing I want to say. If you have built up months of anxiety and stress a five hundred mile drive is a good way to blow off all the pent up bs you are pissed off about. After four hundred miles I wasn’t angry at all.

Second Columbus is not like Madison to whoever told me it was. This state is a political battlefield right now. The tone of the commercials are different from the ones in Badgerland. For example, the Romney ads speak to the coal industry. Also driving through the neighborhoods every other yard has opposite signs whether they are in a wealthier or less wealthy area. In Madison you rarely see the Romney signs until you hit the city limits and then it is all about Tommy, Mittens, and Ryan in the rural farm areas.

On to Richard.

The first day was labeled ‘teacher’ day and most of the attendees are local. Many of them are using this workshop as hours towards their 200 hour training so they ask questions like ‘How do you apply this to teaching.’

Richard covered a lot of the stuff he taught at Esalen last year and stuff I have from his backbends workshop from his studio. So it was a lot of prana/apana, Mula Bhanda, cobra hoodie etc. It was a good review in that respect.

He was a little less politically correct. He said we are all still religious fundamentalists after we leave the yoga class. That was a good one and no doubt initiated by driving through the same neighborhoods and seeing the Romney people whining about their religious freedom being infringed. Our forefathers came to this country because they actually were not able to practice their faith because people were killing them and burning their churches and holy books. Is that happening in the US and I am not aware? I digress.

Last year I remember Richard talking about the idea of God being objectified and how TRUELY sad that is.

He intersperses more pranayama practices and meditation into the workshops now. Again this is a review from the online pranayama class so good review. He talks a LOT about Iyengar and Jois, where they differed in method but basically the internal work was the same.

The section on primary series through parvritti parsvakonasana took two hours. Sssoooo Iyengar. I love it though. He is also really anatomically knowledgeable. I am going to go look up some stuff he talked about. The psoas being lighten up by Mula Bhanda. Also the psoas/SI joint connection. So definitely some new stuff.

His lovely wife Mary assisted and was most helpful. The space was amazing and I will try to upload some pics tomorrow.

The last thing Richard said was to practice and practice more all the time. Practice in your car, practice in your bed, practice when you are walking. You can always activate your Bhandas or just practice being in the moment of your breath. We breathe all the time so we can always practice pranayama. Richard says the poses are just a coverup for the breath practice anyways.

Ending note. So glad they cancelled the marathon. Definitely the right thing to do.

Way behind on my bird cam so got to watch my babies a little.

I will be bringing a LOT of this to my breath and Bhandas workshop at Inner Fire so sign up NOW!

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