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After a few years of practice being a chore or mundane or oftentimes non-existent it feels great to be excited about it again to the point where I get done practicing and can’t wait until tomorrow to practice. To the point where I don’t sleep well. Like I can’t WAIT to get up. Seriously that is NOT a good thing though. I woke up today at 3:30 for a 6:30 practice. I really needed the sleep. Can I go to bed NOW so I can get up and practice? PLEASE?

I had this feeling when I practiced Bikram yoga a LOT, then I gave it up. I also had it in Forrest, then I moved on. Now I have it in Primary Series.. Like I can’t WAIT until tomorrow.

That whole statement may seem weird coming from a teacher, but all teachers experience it. Most teacher trainees fear they will lose the focus on the practice they love so much if they teach a lot and they probably will at some point as they add to their teaching schedule. Then it is time for decision making. If you lose the space and time for your practice, no doubt you are cheating yourself, but you also are cheating your student. Not that their expectations should drive you to practice or perform, but because drawing on your practice experience will help them in their own experience.

dwi pada

I remember in a workshop Ana Forrest being very tough, in a loving way, with a Forrest teacher who was not able to find time to practice. I remember Ana saying what is the point of teaching then?

It is fun to be a student too. That is why I love workshops. I can’t wait to surrender to my teachers in the trainings I have planned for the year. I am anxious to learn from then, even if students out there don’t want to learn from me. I still have my practice.

I have blogged a lot about home practice too and while I believe a strong practice at home is essential, so is studio practice. Teachers have to learn the discipline of home practice. It is also a source. For you to take from. And give back to students. When accomplished practitioners tell me they don’t know how to home practice it makes me scratch my head. Buy a tape. Work on your tight hips. Practice inversions. What do you mean you don’t know what to do. Practice at home can be very distracting though so you need space away from computers, washer/dryers, and dirty toilets. Sigh.

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Fav PoseAnd staying way out of the mainstream. I read a blog about a month ago about blogging about yoga being about blogging your practice more than practicing your practice and agreed. I looked back and saw it was all rather haphazard and all over the place. For periods of time, the blog WAS reflective of the lack of focus practice I had all the while voicing intentions and the desire to practice nearly impossible poses.

But then I also read a LOT of posts on blogs about practice which seems really a waste, like I hit that pose earlier today or didn’t blah and blah. And then teaching in class that once you move on. Move on. Seriously. Move on. Please.

And then the teaching, oh please. The best teachers I admire are about the practice and not their personality. My training for this year is Richard Freeman at:


David Swenson at:


Yup I like the old guys. The classics. The practice. The practice….

So much less talk about how I am going to practice where and when and just doing it like these guys:

Practice is sweet. It is the best. Like flying.

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