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Because he didn’t get MVP. It is better than being a fan:


So what do you want to be in life a player or a spectator?


Lebron is about practice, discipline, and not being willing to be on the sidelines.

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Grimmly did SUCH a great review of Vayu Siddhi, I have nothing to add.

THIS video though is over the top! Pranayama to lose INCHES!

Must wear leg warmers?

Urdhva Mukha Svansana. One of the most maligned poses I see as a teacher for two reasons.

Number one, most students forget to take a breath. They move through it too quickly and are anxious to go into Adho. When I see this, it is time to BREAK it down, make them STOP, and work into it properly, with a FULL inhale, and maybe shift into Bhujangasana. Number two, they are misaligned through the shoulders coming into the pose from chaturanga.

This is a great urdhva:

good dog

The backbend is in the thoracic, the hands are under the shoulders, the chest is forward. The legs are VERY engaged to LIFT.

Here is a badder dog. Looking for bad dogs proved not that hard, they are everywhere:

bad dog

The shoulders are lifted towards the ears. The hands are slightly forward of the shoulders, the glutes look more engaged than the legs.

But I am going to guess the student does not realize it. If they are moving through it too quickly AND they came into it with a poor alignment in Chaturanga, they had no choice. Cobra might have been a better choice,

Using blocks is a good way to practice the pose. You can practice pushing down, engage the legs and not force the extreme extension of the body that is good dog. Try this at home and work on pressing the chest forward, keep the glutes relaxed, and move the shoulders back and down. Get the feeling of really BREATHING in the pose, so it doesn’t get to be a throw away transition. It is a backbend. They always feel good.

modified dog

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Richard F always gives me at least one thing I find profound at his workshops that stays with me a while. I take it and look at it seriously even though RF has that subtle humor and lightness in delivery, yet I know he is dead serious about what he is saying.

On Sunday, during a rather tumultuous delivery of some part of primary, can’t remember which, he spoke of the Ashtanga practice as being like a glass mountain. Everyone experiences the beauty of ascending the mountain and reaching the top. But it is made of glass, and ultimately you slide back, and that is a beautiful experience.

The slide could be from injury, lack of time to practice, or any other klesha, obstacle per the yoga sutras. A lot of people don’t even realize they have slid back, I am guessing, because it just as some become profoundly aware and bummed out from it. You have to enjoy sliding back as much as seeing the apex is the point.

I am reading Lino Miele’s book Ashtana Yoga The Yoga of Breath, and he says the point is never about getting past primary or through advanced or anything else, so basically not thinking about the apex.

All the great teachers speak of the breath primarily over the pose, and students resist that, for the longest time. because we all want to do the arm balance and fancy pretzel pose.

There is no apex.

Today I am studying Pranayama, having just received David Garrigues’s Pranayama practice book and dvds, Vayu Siddhi:

vayu siddhi

I like David he is like Iggy Pop on yoga if Iggy was a practitioner. He has a frantic way of getting his point across which I love. He is passionate the the book is extremely well written. I just finished Gregor’s Pranayama book, and I think he is about, hands down, the best writer in the yoga world of current works. David G is also really good. I have gotten so far in the book, and now have to work on the dvd. He is starting out basic and this sort of study is always an investment in time and practice.

At some point, I will write a comparison of all of the Pranayama studies I have done, Maehle, Iggy, and RF.

I mean that as a compliment to David. Go look at a picture of him and you will see. Iggy is an icon.

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