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Here are a few pics from our recent kitchen remodel. You can get a pretty good idea of the cabinetry work and beautiful granite we chose, plus the amazing wine area for my husband to tinker around in, but you will notice one thing missing.

The kitchen table. The remodel itself took six weeks. We were amazed they got it done on schedule and we love the floor plan, which required us to get a custom made table due to the odd size of the area. There is no furniture store with anything ready made that will fit in.

So we went to the Amish for something custom made. Initially we were told two to three months and they did have a table done in two months, but it turned out the measurements they used were wrong. That was April and now it is August and we still have no table. Supposedly the table will be done next week.

Now normally people would be upset that it is taking this long, but I am fine with it, because I know that we will get a perfect table because THAT is what they promised. Generation after generation of skilled furniture making and perfection at their craft makes me comfortable with waiting, for perfection. I will post pictures. People keep asking me about the table, I say I am not rushing the Amish. They know what they are doing. (This post is not in any way shape or form derogatory of their faith or practices.)

Of course there is an Ashtanga parallel to this story. Ashtanga practitioners have to have this type of patience. The workmanship of the practice takes patience and no rushing. Rushing in Ashtanga is tantamount to disaster. You either get injured, or frustrated and then you QUIT.

Usually by Friday I am disappointed that tomorrow is rest day. I feel I can practice on Saturday. I feel I don’t need a rest, but this week it is different. It took a long time, but today…..

I spent my last dime this week on practice. If tomorrow was practice day I would have not another one to spend. Gratefully, patiently, and seriously….

Perfection in practice takes patience and consistency. The attitude has to be that you will wait for whatever comes and will approach without expecting immediate results.

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Jennifer Aniston is one of the hottest stars on the red carpet, whose every haircut is documented, her easy sense of style emulated and her stunning silhouette always envied. But now, the big secret out on how Aniston stays so beautiful, being revealed in “Yogalosophy,”…

via Jennifer Aniston Touts ‘Yogalosophy’ for Stunning Figure.

Yogalosophy? Hmmmm

Jenn does have a nice tree pose though. I ja 2


ja 3

Baddha Konasana not so much.

I like Jenn and hate that she has to spend her whole life defending herself ever since Brad left her for Angelina.

Anyway not a celebri post today.

I am trying not to blog about my practice today but it totaled me out for the day. Plus I was in a light streaming in the window place early morning. Perfect practice time. Already thinking about practice time tomorrow. Last night I dreamed about practice.

When I dream about my practice or job or whatever is prevalent on my mind for what I am doing the next day it is always the same type of dream. Something is standing in the way of my plans. There is too much traffic, or it gets cancelled. Or too many people show up and I can’t do xyz.

One time I dreamed I was teaching a yoga class to like 50 beginners and they were in bleachers with no mats and I was SCREAMING at them.

So strange. Must be Yogalosophy.

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